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These past couple of months have been a strange affair, haven’t they?

They’ve been worrying and at times, so very confusing, but they’ve also been surprising and heart-warming as random acts of kindness become a daily occurrence and we’re forced to look at our daily lives and surrounding environment much more closely, in a completely different light.

If we were to list all the things we haven’t been able to have (and are seriously missing) since March 23rd we’re reminded that in fact it’s the simple things we’ve taken for granted.

The freedom of jumping into the car and travel wherever we want, to book that last minute holiday break, or shop freely, to play in the park, to chat with friends in person, to hug or even just shake hands. All of which, at the beginning of the year, we never would’ve dreamt would be classed on a list of ‘not permitted’ but overnight…BOOM…they were gone. No chance for that one last hug, no chance for the last latte and cake from your favourite coffee shop, no visits the gym, holidays cancelled and a ‘stay at home’ message for all.

Having 2 months with such parameters, we’ve found a ‘new normal’. It’s amazing how people have adapted to the changes, some finding it easier than others admittedly, but whilst adapting, so has the environment around us as it always does. It’s just we’ve worn blinkers for so long that we never had the time to focus upon it. Social media is filled with wonderful pics of sunsets, clear skies, pretty blossoming trees. Some would never have noticed these before, yet given the opportunity to take a step back, carry out daily walks they’re now able to see what else may have been taken for granted.

At Sherwood Hideaway we’ve always relished the natural environment we’re cocooned within, it’s a little haven and we work hard to keep it protected. When guests come to stay, they come back time and time again, because of it. It’s what makes us…us, no hustle and bustle of loud entertainment just the tranquillity of the forest tucked away from the ‘manic’ that life can deal. As you drive off the main road through the avenue of trees, its as though a gate closes behind you and places you within serenity.

In fact you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just you, the birds and other local wildlife on site when you come to stay, listening to the birds sweetly singing in the morning and preparing their nests as the sun sets, and as you stroll through the forest perhaps going across to the wonderful landscape of Thoresby Hall you’ll be met by the buzzing of bees, rustling of the trees and pretty much little else.

It’s been a while now since we’ve been able to share this beauty with others and we’ve missed you. Enabling guests to relax, recoup and reset, and it’s safe to say that although now there’s a ‘new normal’ outside of our little snug, here at the Hideaway, it’s the same as ever before (albeit with a few additional twists to meet with social distancing and cleaning guidelines).

We hope it’s not too long until we can re-open our gates and welcome guests back…we’re ready and waiting. Our self-contained lodges are separated with ample space from each other, giving the personal space and privacy needed for the perfect break, it’s almost as though they’ve been ready for any ‘social distancing’ parameter for many years! Now’s the time to work on additional parameters to ensure additional health and safety during this time, which could mean you don’t have to see a soul during your whole stay! Pure bliss!

So looking forward…

we see more beauty, more peaceful breaks, more appreciation of nature and we can’t wait to share it with more guests very soon allowing them also to appreciate the beauty on our doorstep.