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Press Reviews

London Economic

The Sherwood Hideaway is everything you would want, and so much more, from a woodland retreat. It’s a completely unique experience in an incredibly peaceful, private and perfect setting


Daily Telegraph

It was beautiful, the silence an indulgence, with the only sound coming from the whirring coffee machine brewing fresh beans. It was idyllic, like a rural Britain postcard in motion.


Jewish News

Seeing the stars at night is no easy task when surrounded by the bright lights of the capital. But just three hours from our north London home, there we were enjoying the celestial landscape from a luxury lodge in the…


Manchester Evening News

With a feather in our hats and our bows on our back we packed the car full of excitement for our Sherwood Hideaway adventure… and what an adventure it was.


Nottingham Post

A sea of tranquility in the middle of the forest.


Experienced Traveller

I am always on the look-out for new experiences – I have zip-wired in Guatemala, ridden an ostrich in South Africa and been white-water rafting through a gorge in Bali. But none of these experiences have given me such lasting…


Roaming Required

The ability to switch off from our all consuming 9 to 5 jobs was just what the doctor ordered. You could just feel the stresses melting away over the course of the weekend.


Emma Plus Three

Sherwood Hideaway revisited.



What does a holiday mean to you? Relaxing, switching off, getting away to peaceful surroundings, getting out and having fun? All of the above? Well sometimes you don’t need to get on a plane for all of those things, sometimes…


Recipes & Reviews

“For a weekend of adventure, beautiful nature and an escape from the day-to-day, Sherwood Hideaway ticks all the boxes.”