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It’s Easter weekend and we are ready to enjoy the sunshine from our homes. Easter 2020 is going to be a little different to what you might be use to but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festivities. We have put together a few egg-cellent  activities to try with your family this weekend to enjoy Easter while self-isolating.

Egg painting

A classic Easter activity. Let the creative juices flow and see what creations your kiddies come up with! We understand it can be hard to get your hands on everything you may need for Easter egg painting so why not try melting some crayons to use as paint, use felt tip pens or even glitter (if you’re not scared of a little mess). If you don’t have any eggs, use cut up egg containers or even collect some pebbles from the garden!

Easter egg hunt clues

Keep the kids guessing with some clues hidden around the house leading them to some tasty treats. There are loads of great clues you can find online to take inspiration from, print them out or write them yourself, dot them around the house and watch your kids’ excitement as they grow closer to the prize!

Egg and spoon race

A great way for the kids to have fun and enjoy some exercise. It doesn’t need to be an egg, why not try a water balloon or even a simple ball. A classic game for the whole family to try!

Making chocolate nests

The perfect Easter treat which only requires 3 ingredients and is super easy to make, so get the kids involved. Get creative with the decorations and see who can make the best nest. Why not try this great recipe.

Easter crafts

There are loads of great Easter colouring pages on online which can be printed off to keep the little ones busy. Along with some great tutorials to make some bunny ears and Easter decorations to help bring the Easter excitement.

Face painting

Let your creative side shine… Or at least have a giggle trying! You don’t need to be a professional, if you’ve got some make up laying around, you’re set to go! Whether it’ll be a bunny, chick or make your face an egg, go wild and most importantly, have fun!

We hope that this list of fun Easter activities has inspired some creative ideas to fill your Easter weekend with while isolating at home. It’s important to stay positive and have fun with your family which practicing social distancing and self-isolation. We look forward to welcoming you to our Hideaway at a later date but for now stay safe and stay inside.