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In our last blog we showed you the 5 main reasons why Sherwood Hideaway could be your perfect location for holiday home ownership.  But we know that we may not tick all of the criteria off for you which is why we find it so very important to guide any of our potential owners inro discovering if the park is indeed the right fit!

We’ve come up against many a question and are always open and honest in all we offer, after all we’ve nothing to hide and want to ultimately ensure that you go on to have many wonderful holidays in your chosen holiday home. So, if you have shortlisted The Sherwood Hideaway as one of your potential parks we have pulled together 5 simple steps to help make the final decision in which location is right for you and what you are wanting to get out of it.

There are 5 simple steps:

A couple walking along tree lined paths through the woods

Step 1: Is this park right for me?

  • How far is the drive from home and am I happy to do this regularly?
  • Does the park have facilities I will use?
  • Am I happy to pay a bit more for a wider choice of facilities?
  • Is the park quiet and peaceful or large and lively?
  • Do I want entertainment on site, if so how often?
  • Does the atmosphere change during school holidays?


Step 2: Consider the costs

As with many high value purchases, you should know the costs of buying your holiday plus the on-going running costs and maintenance.

  • How much does the holiday home cost and what is included? Sometimes pitch fees, insurance and other elements will be included in the package price.
  • Are there any finance options available?
  • How much are pitch fees and what do they cover?
  • Can the park recommend an insurance provider? How much will insurance cost?
  • Can I sublet my holiday home at this park if I want to offset some of these costs? If so can I do this privately or do I have to go through the park? What are the commission costs?

Woodland Rustic Living Area

Step 3: Choice of holiday home

Finding the right holiday home involves more than simply picking a style that you like. Take some time to consider how you’ll be using the home:

  • If you have children or grandchildren, will two bedrooms be enough or will an extra bedroom help?
  • If you have young children, are light coloured sofas such a good idea?
  • Do you want a central lounge with bedroom at each end, or an end-lounge with a large window letting in lots of light?
  • Is there enough storage to suit your needs?
  • Will you be staying outside of the summer months? Is the property heated and double glazed?


Step 4: Find the right location

When you’ve picked your holiday park and holiday home, the next step is to find a pitch that will suit your needs most closely. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What outlook do you want from your decking?
  • Are you overlooked?
  • Do you have privacy and space around your plot, is this important to you?
  • How many parking spaces does the pitch provide and are they next to your property?
  • Do I need wheelchair access?
  • Would I prefer piped or bottled gas?
  • Do I want any elements to the pitch and if so does the park permit this?
  • What are the rules regarding storage around the unit?

couple holidays Sherwood Forest

Step 5: Becoming an owner

  • How long will the sale take to complete?
  • When will we get the keys?
  • Who will be our key contact once we are owners?
  • Do I get any additional benefits as an owner?
  • If I sublet is there a minimum number of weeks I would need to provide?

You no doubt will have other questions that have sprung to mind from reading the above, which is great. You must make sure the ‘location’ is right for you and what you are looking for whether that be investing in memories for yourself or for others.

You could even give each park a score for each step as you make your comparisons. It might just reveal the perfect park for you!

Good luck and know here at The Sherwood Hideaway we are just a phone call away from answering any question or providing advice.

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