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Best Companies To Work For award

The Sherwood Hideaway is celebrating as part of the Bridge Leisure group, which has been named one of the UK’s best employers.

Bridge Leisure Management, which manages The Sherwood Hideaway, claimed 82nd place in The Sunday Times’ annual Best Companies To Work For survey.

The Sunday Times asked more than 270,000 employees for their views about their employers and their working environments, helping to create the final rankings for the prestigious list.

The company, which employs 18 people at The Sherwood Hideaway, was praised by staff who said that they had fun with colleagues (84%), are not bored at work (76%) and they wouldn’t leave tomorrow if they had another job (74%).

Team members were asked to rate their company’s leadership skills, their wellbeing and opportunities for personal growth, and how they feel about their own manager and colleagues.

This was the 17th time The Sunday Times had published the list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, using extensive data gathering and analysis across all business sectors.